Classes in Eastern Washington will resume soon

2023 update!
I'm hoping to begin classes in June. There are several variables, but if everything works according to plan I should have the opportunity to legally import a rattlesnake from Oregon this spring.

Once I am able, I'll let the folks who have registered on my site know first, then post the details here.

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How the classes work

The training is simple and effective.

Your dog will learn to identify the smell of a rattlesnake and then to avoid it - for life.

We use a live, unaltered rattlesnake, kept in a strike-proof cage with plenty of venting so your dog can get close and get a good smell of rattlesnake.

At the time your dog's snout is full of rattlesnake smell, we activate the training collar to deliver a sharp pain.

Your dog now associates that specific smell with pain and will avoid it at all costs.

Every dog is tested at the end of the class to make sure they are now snake-proof and I offer free re-testing at any future class so you can be confident in your dog's training.